I like pizza, beer, cheesecake, and bacon! None of those are very healthy(or healthy for a budget in excess), but here’s a list of things I like that I’d also recommend for your wallet. Some may be affiliate links, but they wouldn’t be here if I didn’t actually recommend them. If using any of these would negatively effect your goals, don’t use them!

NameCheap *

These are the guys I use for my domain name registration and management! They are cheap and easy to use! They also have other hosting services, but I can’t give an opinion on them because I haven’t used them.

Amazon Web Services

This site is powered through AWS EC2 using the Bitnami stack and I’d recommend both of them! The platform isn’t quite as easy to use as other web hosting services, but what else is not to love?


If you’re looking to sell books, here is an online place to do just that! They focus on textbooks, but you can sell regular books here too. One of the nice things is that they provide a free shipping label for you.


Basically, you get rebates for certain things you buy, which is great. All you have to do is use the app to scan the items and recipe. If you’re going to buy something anyway, why not get a little money back from it?

Savings Catcher

Say what you will about Walmart, but they can be cheap. They also have an app called savings catcher, which gives you Walmart Reward Dollars redeemable for Walmart gift cards. The app compares prices between Walmart and other local stores on products that you purchased at Walmart, and then gives you the difference.

Ebates *

Don’t spend frivolously, but if you are going to buy something online, consider using Ebates. They share referral revenue with you when you shop via their site. They then send out a check every three months if you’ve got a balance higher than $5.

*Please note that these are referral links. If you use them, I may make money off them. That said – I do not recommend things that I don’t like or haven’t tried unless otherwise noted.