Note that if you find yourself on this page, I have suspended this experiment. Before suspending it, I had earned $1.84 or 1.2%. That’s not a whole lot, and I would’ve done better investing in an S&P 500 index. It is at least better than just sitting in a bank account. Feel free to read below for some information about it:

I don’t recommend picking individual stocks for long term investment. It is typically much more efficient and cost effective to invest in a diversified fund (or ETF) with low costs. However, we’re doing a small experiment of picking individual stocks.

With this experiment, I won’t be the one picking stocks – you all will be. I’m going to set up a poll each month with a somewhat random set of 10 stocks, so you can tell me which stock to buy. I’ll be purchasing the new stock that is voted in after selling the previous. Check back for the new poll and an update on how the stocks are doing!

Note: I started out doing this weekly, but have now changed it to monthly so I can focus on other parts of the blog!

Here is how we’re doing so far!


Week Stock Total
Total Gain
0 Initial $150.00 $0
2269 0 (0%)
1 AON $148.43 -$1.57
2270.44 1.44
2 SLB $151.33 $1.33
2263.69 -5.31
3 CLX $149.32 -$.68
2294.69 25.69
4 KR $151.80 $1.80
2297.42 28.42
5-9 MAR $156.01 $6.01
2398.33 129.33
10-14 JPM $150.03 $0.03
15-19 HIG $150.36 $0.36
20-24 FTV $151.84 $1.84
2409 140


The S&P 500 is still beating this experiment, but this at least there has been a decent return!

*I’m using the Robinhood app to trade for free with this experiment. I am using $150 for this experiment, but actually have $300 in the account because Robinhood does not allow you to trade with unsettled funds.