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The Acorns App Doesn’t Make Sense for Me

I have a few financial apps on my phone that I like and use regularly, but there are others that I don’t understand. Acorns fits into the second category. I’ve seen it recommended by some people, but it really doesn’t make much sense for me. I’ll be upfront about why I’m not a big fan:

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Building a Website on the Cheap

This blog got started up with a custom domain name for about $35. Unless my traffic gets larger, that’s all I will have to pay for two years worth of service. That means that I’m only paying around $1.45 per month for a website with a custom “.com” domain name, SSL, and privacy protection. That’s really cheap! This blog is about making smart money decisions, so this doesn’t mean that you should just go start a website. However, if you were planning to start one anyhow, save some money!

So how is the website built and how can you build one?

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I’m not Buying an iPhone 7 – Here’s why

No, this post isn’t a commentary on how much better an Android phone is than the iPhone – even though you can get an Android much cheaper. Yes, I do think the iPhone 7 is pretty cool, but I won’t be purchasing one.

Why not?

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Here’s a Cheap Computer

There’s good – though not necessarily new – news for you if you’re in need of a new, functional desktop computer! It’s called the Raspberry Pi 3 and there is a decent chance you’ve heard of it. If you are a technical person, you probably heard of the pi a long time ago, but for some other people it deserves a mention. This computer runs Linux, not Windows so you will probably want to familiarize yourself with the differences before taking the jump.

It is hard to beat for the price though.

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