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How Many of Your Best Memories are from Behind Your Desk?

I’m not one of those people who hates their job, but at the same time – my best memories don’t really involve it. Sure, there are accomplishments that I’m proud of, but I wouldn’t say they are great memories. Most of my best memories are from time outside the office. Maybe I’m the crazy one here and people do have great memories from their job. Do you?

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Don’t Blindly Contribute to a Roth

People planning for retirement will often put money into a Roth IRA or Roth 401K account, but that may not always make sense. This applies to  both normal and early retirement. Everybody has different situations, so it is important to consider tax implications before blindly contributing to a Roth account.

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Spend less or Earn more?

Meet Bill and Suzie. They’ve decided that it would be good to double the amount they contribute to their 401K’s so they can retire earlier. They have a question though: “Should we try to spend less or try to earn more?”

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You Don’t Need 1 Million Dollars to Retire

You simply don’t need $1 Million to retire! You may have heard that you need this much or even more, but that might not actually be the case. You could want that much, but probably don’t need it. If you spend a lot of money and plan to keep spending as much, you might need $1 Million, but most people can live on much less.

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There might be a Snake Eating your Nest Egg

There may be many things that are keeping you from saving, but after you’ve set money aside for your retirement nest egg, you could have another thing sneaking in to grab cash from the egg. That snake could be somebody you trust – somebody who is helping you invest. It could be the company that manages your retirement fund.

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4 Types of People not to Listen to About Retirement

earThere are a lot of people who you probably shouldn’t listen to when it comes to retirement. Let’s highlight just a few of these people.

People who say it is impossible to retire

Excuse me, but nope it isn’t impossible to retire!

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