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Crushing Debt – When to Stop Crushing It

So you’ve been paying off debt for a little while now, when is it time to stop paying debt and start saving?stop_debt_crush

You shouldn’t completely stop paying debt until it is completely paid off – clearly you need to keep paying minimum payments. However, you can ease up after paying off high interest debt

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Crushing Debt – Continue Crushing

I’d like to congratulate everybody who successfully made it through the first month of debt payoffs and those who don’t have credit card debt or payday loans! You are doing better than a lot of Americans that are loaded down with high interest debt and not doing a thing about it!

It’s not time to stop now though.

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Crushing Debt – Picking Debts to Pay

Which debt to pay?

Which debt to pay?

Different people have different opinions as to which debt you should pay off first when you’re trying to get out of debt. With the snowball method, you continuously pay your lowest debts because there are a lot of psychological victories when each gets paid off, creating momentum. However, it makes more sense financially

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Crushing Debt – Let the Journey Begin!

You shouldn't actually smash your cards.

You shouldn’t actually smash your cards.

This isn’t ever going to happen without effort. Never! So it is time to get off your butt and do something about your debt! For the next month, you are going to make a sprint with your finances and paying of your debt!

The first step you need to take in this sprint is

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