This blog is my attempt to help people examine and plan for financial goals – even if the goal isn’t extremely early retirement. I consider it to be a somewhat frugal blog that guides people to somewhat early retirement and financial independence, but more importantly, it should emphasize the need to set and actively pursue financial goals. I’ll also try to point out useful tools, strategies, and share my opinion on financial matters.

The reason for focusing on goals and the pursuit of them is because it’s striking to me how few people have financial goals or don’t take steps towards them. They might think “I’ll get there when I get there and it doesn’t matter how” or “I won’t ever get there so it doesn’t matter” or “Who cares for the future, I’m going to live my life right now.” These don’t make any sense to me. You don’t typically walk around aimlessly to get somewhere – you plan your route. Also, a lot of people plan to work past age 65, but this usually isn’t necessary with correct planning. Lastly, living in the present is a good thing to a certain extent, but it can certainly ruin your future if taken to far.

As for me and my wife, we have goals and a plan for the future, but also realize that these plans or goals can change. We are currently on our way to retirement in our early 50’s, but unlike a lot of people – we got a relatively early start in our mid 20’s. We could retire earlier, but we want to travel and give generously along our road. Lastly, we want to remain flexible, so our goals can evolve over time. So, there are some of our current financial goals – what are yours?

While you follow along, you won’t see me embrace over consumption, extreme extravagance, or wastefulness on this blog even though I fail at these myself occasionally. Avoiding these is an important factor to reach many financial goals, and they don’t serve much benefit to the good of the world anyhow.

Hopefully some posts will catch your eye and be helpful for your journey. If you’d like to keep up to date, you can subscribe to the email list or follow me on Twitter @crispRetirement!