This blog got started up with a custom domain name for about $35. Unless my traffic gets larger, that’s all I will have to pay for two years worth of service. That means that I’m only paying around $1.45 per month for a website with a custom “.com” domain name, SSL, and privacy protection. That’s really cheap! This blog is about making smart money decisions, so this doesn’t mean that you should just go start a website. However, if you were planning to start one anyhow, save some money!

So how is the website built and how can you build one?

Well – you actually can’t build a website exactly the same way as I built this one anymore. It was built on RedHat OpenShift for free before they shifted to the container platform. It also used NameCheap* for the domain name and SSL certificate, which is where the costs were incurred.

What’s the point of this post if you can’t use those things anymore? Because I would love to tell you about another very cheap solution! In fact, I deleted this post a while back and have now completely rewritten it!

Now, I’d recommend using Amazon AWS EC2. They give you a free trial, so you can create a website and it won’t cost you a thing for 12 months! Here’s their guide to starting a WordPress site!

Unfortunately, you won’t really get a domain name for free. To get a decent domain name, you’ll need to pay for it. If you’ve followed the link above and followed the guide, you may have found Amazon Route53 for getting a domain name. If not, here is the guide to using a domain name through Route53.

While I do have the NameCheap affiliate link above, I’ll be perfectly honest. NameCheap worked great for me, but Amazon Route53 integrates very easily with other AWS products. So, if you decide to use Amazon EC2 to build a free WordPress site, it makes sense to also use Route53. For a “.com” domain name there, you should expect to pay around $18 per year.

There you have it! With these tools you can create a very cheap, custom website! For the first year, it only requires a $18 investment! For a simpler approach, look into the low cost hosting service called Bluehost. Although I’ve never used it, it seems promising and powerful, and a lot of people seem to recommend it – but that could be because they have a great affiliate program.

*Please note that this is an affiliate link. I won’t recommend something that I don’t like, but I will make a commission on something you buy through this link.