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Save Money – Drive like a Sane Person

car_skidI follow pretty much all of the opinions I share on this blog. This is one that I’m not so great at – at least when it comes to speeding, but I have gotten better! Slowing myself down by just 5mph took some effort, but it has paid off. Driving less aggressively and slowing down a little bit can pay off for you too if you’re anything like me!

The way to save the most money is to minimize driving as much as possible, but if you’re like me, that probably isn’t going to happen. However, you can still save money while driving by changing some habits if you are a fast or aggressive driver. Here’s a short list of why driving fast and/or aggressively costs you more money:

  1. Going fast and accelerating quickly uses more fuel
    When you drive fast or slam on the accelerator, your car doesn’t get as many miles per gallon as it could otherwise. Cars have an optimum speed to get the best mpg, and that speed is certainly below 80mph. Take a look at this site to see the optimum speed for driving.
  2. Cops pull over people who speed and drive aggressively
    You’re a lot more likely to get pulled over by a cop if you speed. Furthermore, if you’re speeding and driving aggressively, cops will likely ticket you for multiple offenses. I know the last speeding ticket I got was pretty expensive and it was a crappy way to have to spend my money.
  3. More wear and tear on your car
    If you burn rubber when you leave a stop sign or light, your tires will wear quickly. Running through one extra set of tires in a car’s lifetime could cost around $500 or more. The same is true for brakes – if you drive aggressively and have to brake more, you’ll wear through your brakes more quickly. I’m sure there is other wear, but these two demonstrate several hundred dollars you could save.
  4. You’re more likely to cause an accident
    Tailgating does more than piss off the person in front of you. It causes a lot of accidents. Beyond just tailgating – aggressive driving causes a whole lot of accidents. For example, according to Safe Motorist, aggressive driving causes 66% of traffic fatalities. Saving money is really good, but saving needless deaths is even better.
  5. Insurance companies charge you more for tickets and accidents
    Tickets and accidents cost money themselves, but your premium will also increase. You might be able to get away with one, but when you start racking them up, they’re going to charge you more. The same goes with accidents, and you might get dropped completely if you have too many accidents.

Besides all of that, driving like a jerk just makes the experience of driving less fun for everybody else. If you are the type of person who speeds or has anger issues while driving, it may be good for your wallet to learn to drive a little differently.


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  1. Arrgo

    A great reminder on this for all the points you mention. And the more you drive, the more these costs can add up. By driving safer and more focused, no doubt you can save a few hundred $ every year.

    • Thanks! Besides minimizing driving, I think these are some of the key things you can do to save money. If you don’t have to drive at all, you can save a lot of $$$, but that isn’t the case for me or a lot of people.

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