No, this post isn’t a commentary on how much better an Android phone is than the iPhone – even though you can get an Android much cheaper. Yes, I do think the iPhone 7 is pretty cool, but I won’t be purchasing one.

Why not? Because I already have a iPhone 6 and it works great. There is absolutely no reason for me to upgrade my phone right now. I may upgrade in the future – probably at least another year from now, but for now my two-year-old phone is kickin’ along just fine.

Let’s look at the 10 features that Apple outlined during their keynote today:


Yep, Apple made some design changes and added jet black (and black) to the color line up. I think the phones look sleek, but that doesn’t give me reason to buy a new one.

New Home Button

A solid state home button with the “Taptick” engine provides new haptic feedback to you. I suppose this could be a cool feature if developers take advantage of it, but it doesn’t really sell me on the product because visual and audio cues are already enough for me.

Dust and Water Resistance

I like this feature quite a bit actually, but neither water or dust have destroyed my current phone. It is nice that they’re making the product more reliable and this would probably benefit some people who are a little more clumsy than myself.


The wider aperture and image stabilization is nice for low light, and the dual camera for extended zoom and depth blur on the 7 plus is also pretty cool. However, my iPhone 6 takes pretty good photos as is – so again, not really a reason to upgrade. If you really want these features, a single DSLR will do a better job and it avoids the refresh cycle of phones.

New Retina Display

My current display looks pretty stunning, and additional improvements would probably be marginal. They also mentioned the 3D touch here, which I could imagine being relatively cool, but honestly haven’t given it enough thought. I’d probably have to get a device to comment more.


They’ve got stereo speakers now with a better dynamic range. I’ve never really thought of my iPhone as a fully immersive experience, but maybe these will help along that path. I do like that the speakers will be louder for sharing video between a few people though.


Just as everyone was expecting, they got rid of the 3.5mm jack. However, they are providing a free lightning to 3.5mm adapter and free lightning headphones. I don’t like that you couldn’t charge the phone and listen to music at the same time, but removing connectors does help add other features. Honestly, this whole topic is a wash to me – assuming they continue providing the free adapter.


This was mainly about a new line of wireless earbud/headphone products. Pairing will be easier with the new products, but in my opinion it really doesn’t add much to the iPhone itself.

Apple Pay

The update here is with something called Felica – what Japan uses for near field communication. So essentially they are adding support for Apple Pay in other countries including Japan. I don’t see myself going to Japan in the near future, so don’t really need this either.

Increased Performance

They’ve made both the CPU and GPU more powerful, while increasing the efficiency. The longer battery life is more important to me than increased performance, but for people looking toward mobile gaming – this is a good step.

I’m also going to note that they finally increased the minimum storage from 16GB to 32GB. It was a little ridiculous how long they waited to upgrade the minimum storage. This applies to the iPhone 7 series and 6S series.

All of these features do add up to a nice update to the phone, but in my opinion there isn’t much groundbreaking here. When my current phone wears out, I’ll probably get another iPhone, but in the mean time – I’ll save my money for retirement and financial independence! As for those of you who have a cheaper Android that you’re keeping for a few years – good job on doing better than me!