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My Snow Globe Beats your Crystal Ball

A bear might say, “Sell your stocks, the market is about to tank!” Whereas a bull may say, “Buy now, the market is about to shoot higher!” The truth is that nobody can predict exactly when the market will go higher or drop, so this thinking is what I call “crystal ball syndrome.”

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How Many of Your Best Memories are from Behind Your Desk?

I’m not one of those people who hates their job, but at the same time – my best memories don’t really involve it. Sure, there are accomplishments that I’m proud of, but I wouldn’t say they are great memories. Most of my best memories are from time outside the office. Maybe I’m the crazy one here and people do have great memories from their job. Do you?

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The Acorns App Doesn’t Make Sense for Me

I have a few financial apps on my phone that I like and use regularly, but there are others that I don’t understand. Acorns fits into the second category. I’ve seen it recommended by some people, but it really doesn’t make much sense for me. I’ll be upfront about why I’m not a big fan:

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The Mighty Saving Power of the Word “No”

Mighty NoThis single word can be super powerful at saving you money. Maybe it doesn’t always have to be “no” exactly, but something with a similar effect. However, this doesn’t need to be taken to an extreme – life isn’t exactly fun if you just say no to everything! It all comes down to turning down things you don’t need, or won’t add anything to your life.

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Don’t Blindly Contribute to a Roth

People planning for retirement will often put money into a Roth IRA or Roth 401K account, but that may not always make sense. This applies to  both normal and early retirement. Everybody has different situations, so it is important to consider tax implications before blindly contributing to a Roth account.

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Building a Website on the Cheap

This blog got started up with a custom domain name for about $35. Unless my traffic gets larger, that’s all I will have to pay for two years worth of service. That means that I’m only paying around $1.45 per month for a website with a custom “.com” domain name, SSL, and privacy protection. That’s really cheap! This blog is about making smart money decisions, so this doesn’t mean that you should just go start a website. However, if you were planning to start one anyhow, save some money!

So how is the website built and how can you build one?

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Fix your Broken Resolutions

fail_resolutionsWe are several weeks into the New Year and chances are that you made some resolutions. There is also a good chance that you’ve already broken a resolution. Don’t worry though! Just because a resolution is broken doesn’t mean you can’t get back on track! This is certainly true for financial resolutions.

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A Stock Experiment

I say plenty of things about saving and investing on this blog, but how about starting a stock experiment? Let’s experiment to see how stocks picked by the readers perform compared to the S&P 500. I don’t really recommend picking individual stocks over putting them in a fund, but for the sake of this experiment, I will.

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Save Money – Drive like a Sane Person

car_skidI follow pretty much all of the opinions I share on this blog. This is one that I’m not so great at – at least when it comes to speeding, but I have gotten better! Slowing myself down by just 5mph took some effort, but it has paid off. Driving less aggressively and slowing down a little bit can pay off for you too if you’re anything like me!

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Spend less or Earn more?

Meet Bill and Suzie. They’ve decided that it would be good to double the amount they contribute to their 401K’s so they can retire earlier. They have a question though: “Should we try to spend less or try to earn more?”

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